Aladna la Mha-Coca

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Aladna la Mha-Coca

Aladna la Mha-Coca (Alanna Coleen Hand Coca, b. 26 July 1970) is a citizen of Talossa and of Vuode province.

Sister of Baron Hooligan, Çelís del Þeracour, and Aspra Laira, she became a Talossan citizen on 23 February 2009.

Personal Life

Coca is a novelist for Harlequin imprints, publishing under the name Alanna Coca and Olivia Brynn (the name under which her line of erotic romances are published). She has published thirteen novels to date (July 2012).

She resides in Laramie, Wyoming, USA with her husband and their family. She has one son, two natural daughters (one of whom, Amaval, is a Talossan dandelion), and a stepdaughter.


Preceded by
Post Created
U-Class Premier of Vuode
26 January 2010/XXXI - 1 February 2011/XXXII
Succeeded by
Viteu Marcianüs

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