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Barclamïu da Miéletz (Bartłomiej Mielecki) is a citizen of Talossa and resident of Cézembre. He became a Talossan citizen on 23. January 2024/XLV. He originally sent a citizenship application before 31. December 2023/XLIV but due to an error the Ministry of Immigration has not received his application. He reapplied on 02. January 2024/XLV. Currently he resides in a small village in western Swabia in southwestern Bavaria in Germany called Haldenwang.

He became a member of the Talossan National Congress on 31. January 2024/XLV and Consul for Cézembre in Vuode on 22. February 2024/XLV.

On 27. May 2024/XLV he resigned from the Talossan National Congress.

Barclamïu was born on 17. September 2009/XXX in Świebodzice, Lower Silesia, Poland. He lived for three years in Dzierzoniów (Lower Silesia), Ostroszowice (Lower Silesia) and Włoszakowice (Greater Poland) before moving to Germany. He first moved to a town in the same district he still lives in and the same county called Offingen. After living there for some time, he moved to a village, still in the same district and county called Mindelaltheim. Then, on 1. April 2021/XLII he started moving to where he now lives.

His contributions for Talossa

Talossan licence plates

Barclamïu has presented a concept for North American style licence plates, European style licence plates, re-done European style licence plates and licence plates for bicycles and motorbikes that also apply for small bike carriages.

Cézembrean anthem

Da Miéletz made an anthem for Cézembre and it has been liked by the Sénéchal Þerxh Sant-Enogat. Barclamïu wants to make a proposal to make the anthem official but it still awaits opinion from other Cézembreans and it also awaits a trilingual version.

Talossan news channel

He has created a YouTube news channel called Talossa24. No videos are uploaded yet, though he plans to upload an honest government ad to the channel, obviously about Talossa.

Facts about Barclamïu


He can speak three languages and those are:

  • Polish (Native; primary)
  • German (Secondary)
  • English (Tertiary)

He originally started to speak English with an American accent because of media influence but now tries as much as he can do to speak it in a British/Australian accent. He just likes those accents instead of the American one. He also prefers the spelling of British and Australian English instead of American English. He finds American English dreadful and aggressive-sounding.

Since the end of April he started to learn Dutch.


He can play the piano and keyboard. Whenever he is really bored or just wants to, he can make artworks.


He understands and likes dark humour. Even though he is Polish, he will still laugh at jokes made about Poland and its people.