Partì da Reformaziun

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Partì da Reformaziun
Reform Party

PdR Logo Wordmark.png
Leader: Mic'haglh Autófil
Founded: 21 Feb 2022
Position: Left-wing

Incremental Reformism
Unicameral, Mixed-Member

Proportional Ziu

Provincial mergers
"Third Way" (between derivativism and



Partì da Reformaziun (English: the Reform Party) is a political party founded by Mic'haglh Autófil to contest the April 2022 general election to determine the 57th Cosa. Described by Dame Miestra Schiva as "celebrating in the traditional manner by starting his own political party",[1] the PdR was founded in part to "rise above the continuous headbutting" of the more established parties, being instead a group that would hear out even its most polar ideological opposites.


The PdR holds several main principles, those being:

- Republicanism:
- The PdR is at its core a party that supports the implementation of a Talossan republic.
- Ideally, this would take the form of a directorial system, a multi-member executive elected on staggered terms.
- In the interest of compromise, the PdR advocates giving the reigning King one of the seats on the executive council, whichever seat with the term set to expire the latest.
- Unicameralism & Cosa Reform:
- The PdR holds that a bicameral legislature is largely unnecessary in a nation of Talossa's size, and that the Senäts should be abolished.
- However, to ensure provincial interests remain represented in the Ziu, the PdR advocates transitioning first to a Cosa elected by mixed-member proportional representation prior to abolishing the Senäts.
- Each province should be allotted an equal number of whole seats at an election, such that the total number of provincial seats should be as close as possible to half the total Cosa seats without going over.
- The number of seats should either remain fixed (causing overhang seats to be taken away from other parties), or only increase above the nominal number by the number of overhang seats.
- Party list seats are best apportioned by the Huntington-Hill method.
- The Senäts should only be abolished upon the dissolution of a Cosa. Any Senators in the middle of a term at the abolition of the Senäts should be granted their province's provincial seats for the remainder of what would have been their senatorial term.
- Incrementalism:
- The PdR holds that changes can only be evaluated properly when they are implemented in a deliberate and incremental manner. Radical changes only provoke a swing of the pendulum in the opposite direction.
- Provincial Reform:
- The PdR advocates for provincial mergers where sensible.
- Derivativist / Pecularist Agnosticism:
- Recognizing the merits of both derivativism and peculiarism, the PdR takes no official stance, leaving the matter to each member's conscious consideration. Unofficially, the party advocates for a middle path between the two, sometimes referred to as "doing derivativist things in a peculiarist manner".
- Anti-isolationism:
- The PdR advocates for continuing to sensibly broaden Talossa's ties to the broader micronational community.
- Mutual Respect:
- The PdR advocates treating all Talossans with dignity and respect, taking the high road whenever possible.

Election Results


General Election Votes Vote % Seats Notes
# +/- % +/- # +/-
October 2023, 59th Cosa
did not contest
0 / 200
Decrease 14 Extra-parliamentary
February 2023, 58th Cosa 6 Decrease 4 6.89 (# 3) Decrease 5.77
14 / 200
Decrease 11 Opposition
April 2022, 57th Cosa 10 Increase 10 12.66 (# 3) Increase 12.66
25 / 200
Increase 25 Coalition Partner


General Election Province Votes Vote % Seats Notes
# +/- % +/- # +/-
October 2023 Benito 1 - 12.50 (# T-3) -
1 / 11
Decrease 1 Opposition
February 2023 Benito 1 - 12.50 (# T-3) Decrease 7.50
2 / 11
April 2022 Benito 1 Increase 1 20.00 (# T-2) Increase 20.00
2 / 11
Increase 2



Nominally as per its charter, the PdR membership in each province elects a Cäps Provincial (Provincial Chair), which serve as the provinces' representation on the Comità Esecutorxheu (Executive Committee). The Comità Esecutorxheu chooses from among its members the Cäps Naziunal (Chairperson or National Chair), who serves as the party's leader. In practice however, most of these offices sit vacant.

Partì da Reformaziun Charter (provisional)

WE the members of the Partì da Reformaziun of the Kingdom of Talossa do hereby adopt this Charter as the basis of our Party’s governance.


A. Membership in the Party shall be open to Talossan Citizens in good standing.

B. Application to the Cäps Naziunal will be sufficient to admit new members to the Party.

C. A 2/3 vote can be used to expel members from the Party for violations of Organic Law or other Talossan statute law, as well as gross violations of general standards of decorum. In the event of a Party member’s loss of citizenship, this vote may be omitted and their membership immediately revoked.


A. The Party shall maintain a Discord server for communication and Party business.

1. This server shall have channels open to the public, as well as channels reserved for Party members and the conduct of private Party business.
2. All proposals, motions, and nominations shall take place in the "Talkeu dal Partì" channel.
3. All party-wide votes shall take place in the "Cabină per Voteirs" channel.
4. This Charter shall be maintained in its own read-only channel for clarity and ease of reference.

B. Measures shall be adopted by the Party using a parliamentary-like procedure.

1. All motions must receive a second before proceeding to debate.
2. Motions are debated for forty-eight hours.
3. Voting runs for ninety-six hours following the debate period.
4. Aye votes shall be represented via the “Thumbs Up” reaction, Nay votes via the “Thumbs Down” reaction, and Present votes via the “Raised Hand” reaction.
5. Amendments to this Charter shall pass with a 2/3 vote. All other motions shall pass by majority.
6. Should a vote reach the requisite number of Ayes to guarantee its passage prior to the end of the debate period, debate shall close and the motion shall be said to have “fast passed”. Should a vote reach the requisite number of Nays to prevent its passage prior to the end of the debate, it shall be said to have “fast failed” in the same manner.
7. The Cäps Naziunal is not required to approve the motion for it to take effect, but is entitled to vote on the issue as a Party member.


A. The Party shall be headed by a Cäps Naziunal (in English, the Chairperson).

1. The term of office of the Cäps Naziunal shall end on the first day of a month in which a regularly-scheduled Cosa election commences.
2. There is no limit on the number of terms one may serve as Cäps Naziunal.
3. Elections for the Chair shall be conducted among the Comità Esecutorxheu, with candidates taken from among the members of the same.
4. Elections for the Chairmanship shall last a full ninety-six hours.
5. The Cäps Naziunal shall be elected by a majority of votes cast. Should no candidates receive a majority of the vote, a runoff election between the two candidates with the most votes shall immediately commence, and shall last an additional seventy-two hours.
6. Candidacy for the Chairmanship shall be open to any member of the Comità Esecutorxheu who has been an accepted Party member for no less than sixty days.
7. The Cäps Naziunal shall be responsible for the overall conduct of Party business, including the conduct of primary elections, appointments to Party administration positions, facilitation of internal Party debate, oversight of the official Party Platform and Cosa candidate list, and presiding over the Comità Esecutorxheu.
8. The Cäps Naziunal shall be removed from office upon the success of a Motion of No Confidence, passed via two-thirds majority of the Comità Esecutorxheu and ratified by a majority vote of the Party membership.
9. The Cäps Naziunal shall serve as the Party's leader and Seneschal candidate in the Cosa, unless they appoint another to that position. They must make such an appointment if they themselves are not a Member of the Cosa.

B. The Cäps Atxutind (in English, the Vice Chairman) shall assist the Cäps Naziunal in the discharge of his responsibilities and act in his place as circumstances may require.

1. Should the Cäps Naziunal be removed from office, the Cäps Atxutind shall become Cäps Naziunal.
2. The same requirements for the Chairmanship shall be applied to the Vice Chairmanship.

C. The Comità Esecutorxheu (in English, the Executive Committee) shall serve as the Party’s national committee.

1. The Comità is composed of the Cäps Provincial (in English, the Provincial Chair) for each province.
2. The term of office of each Cäps Provincial shall end on the fifteenth day of a month prior to a month in which a regularly-scheduled Cosa election commences.
3. Elections for each Cäps Provincial shall follow the same format as the election for Cäps Naziunal.
4. Candidacy for Cäps Provincial shall be open to all Party members in a given province who have been an accepted Party member for no less than thirty days.
5. Any Party member who is the sole member of the Party within their respective province shall also automatically be made Cäps Provincial for that province.
6. Each Cäps Provincial shall serve as the Party's leader within their respective provincial legislature, as well as their candidate for any provincial executive office. However, they do not automatically serve as the Party's candidate for Senator from their province.
7. In the event two or more provinces are merged, any Cäpsilor Provinciais of the former provinces shall retain their position as "co-Cäps" within their newly-mutual province for the remainder of that term.
8. In the event a province is divided into two or more provinces, the Cäps Provincial of the pre-division province shall serve as Cäps Provincial of all the resulting provinces in question until the end of that term.

D. The Party Recruitment Officer is charged with efforts to increase and retain the Party’s membership.

E. The Party Whip is a position that oversees the Party's delegation to the Cosa. The Whip is responsible for ensuring a united response by the Party to motions proposed in the Cosa, if the proposal involves an official stance taken by the Party.

F. The terms of appointed Party positions come to an end with the completion of an election for Cäps Naziunal.


This Charter shall come into effect following a 96-hour debate period and a 2/3 vote in favor by the Party membership.


The PdR's most recent General Election platform, for the February 2023 general election, is as follows:[2]

Parti da Reformaziun Platform for the 58th Cosa

The Parti da Reformaziun declares its entrance to the election for the 58th Cosa. Progress has been made in the 57th Cosa towards improving the situation in Talossa, and we hereby outline several changes that will continue that progress, building towards a brighter future for all Talossans.

1. The PdR reiterates its republican stance, and acknowledges that gradually reforming Talossa from a kingdom to a Republic is in the best interest of both acknowledging Talossa’s maturation into a mature, democratic society, as well as helping to maintain activity, the lifeblood of the nation. However, we likewise reiterate our belief in compromise with the monarchists of Talossa, we agree to grandfather the King in as the first holder of the elected office of head of state. Ideally this government would take the form of a three-person directory, a collective head of state, though there are multiple methods to institute such a body and multiple alternatives we find acceptable.

2. Keeping in mind the nature of Talossan politics at the moment, we believe making the current state of affairs – that of an elected monarch – is an acceptable compromise. However, the current situation – no defined procedure for selecting the next monarch – is unacceptable and has the potential to lead to a constitutional crisis.

3. We believe in reform of the Ziu’s structure. Combining the two houses along with a switch to a Mixed-Member Proportional system will allow provincial interests to remain represented while reflecting the nature of Talossa as a unitary state. To that end, the PdR will work to amend Organic Law to form an MMP Cosa during this term, but will not pursue any reforms to the structure of the Senate.

4. We believe that Talossan society and politics have made good progress towards a more positive nation that encourages newer Talossans to stay and contribute to society. While this is not a legislative stance, we nevertheless reiterate our commitment to always put principle and discussion ahead of partisan politics. No matter whether they come from a private citizen, a government minister, or someone sitting across the political aisle, they will always find a fair and listening ear for their concerns in the PdR.


No. Member Membership Notes
1 Mic'haglh Autófil 21 Feb 2022 - present Founder and Cäps Naziunal
2 Caleb Frenibuerg Mar - April 2022 Briefly member during the April 2022 general election
3 Ián Txaglh April - Nov 2022 Held 5 PdR seats during the 57th Cosa
4 Alexandreu Prominè Mar - April 2023 Held 7 seats during the first two Clarks of the 58th Cosa