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The Talossan Science Fiction, Fantasy & Whisky Society (La Società Talossan dal Siensiă-ficziun, del Fantasieu es del Wiski) is a literary and social club dedicated to the appreciation of speculative fiction and distilled fermented malted barley. Variously described as a "Most Ancient and August Order" and as a "High Church," membership is casual and open to all Talossans who participate in discussions on the society's Wittenberg forum.


The society was founded in 1998/XIX by Ián Anglatzarâ. Originally called the Talossan Science Fiction & Whisky Society, the organization's name was changed to reflect its expanded literary scope in the 2010s. Following a period of inactivity, it was reconvened by Antonio Montagnha on 10 April 2022/XLIII.



Members of the Society recommend and discuss works of speculative fiction. Written works discussed include (in no particular order), but are not limited to:

A/V works similarly discussed include:

In addition to particular works, members have discussed matters that frequently appear in speculative fiction, such as the Fermi paradox.


Given the libational nature of the society, members have proffered recommendations, and sought input, for pairings of speculative fiction and whisky (or other alcoholic beverages). Among such pairings are:


In the late 1990s, TSF&WS published two issues of its electronic newsletter Spaceships and Distilleries "chock-full of science fiction tastings and whisky reviews." No new issues have been released since.

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