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Music is an important part of the Talossan culture.


National Anthem

Melody of "Stand Tall, Talossans"

Band arrangement of "Stand Tall, Talossans":

Piano arrangement of "Stand Tall, Talossans" by Barclamïu da Miéletz

Provincial Anthems

  • "İstiklal Marşı" (Independence March; Turkish), provincial anthem of Atatürk
  • "Fiume" (instrumental) by VNV Nation, provincial anthem of Fiovă[1]
  • "Built A Little Empire" (English) by They Might Be Giants, provincial anthem of Florencia
  • 'N Regeu Xhust (A Just King; Talossan), Provincial anthem of Vuode
  • "The song of Cézembre" (English, French; Talossan version soon), soon-to-be provincial anthem of Cézembre

National Patriotic Songs

  • "Dallas Pätsilor" ("Of All Countries" or "Ein Feierlichgesang") by Ian von Metairia, which was the national anthem from June of 1989 until replaced by "Chirluscha àl Glheþ", when it was demoted to a "National Song" like its predecessor.
  • "Anthem (Nationalsång)" by ABBA, which had been the national anthem before "Dallas Pätsilor" replaced it, demoting it to the status of National Song in June of 1989.
  • "Funk", by Meco, "from the ridiculous 1970's Meco Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk disco album", is the official signature tune of all Talossan government broadcasts, per Talossan statutory law 20RC10.
  • "Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac.
  • "Prime Minister's Processional" (Laura Donahue)


Other Musical Works

Music Related Talossan Projects