'N Regeu Xhust

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'N Regeu Xhust (A Just King) is the provincial anthem of Vuode. It was written in 1987 and has been the province's anthem since April of the same year. It is sung to the tune of La Marseillaise [1].

Lyrics (English)

A just king, and desiring good for all,
He has created a province.
This land has been liberated,
But '87 saw a change,
But '87 saw a change.

Citizens, see what is happening!
Take up the defence of your country.
The Appointee does with it what he wants,
Against good and against traditions.

Vuode wants to live, our country to liberate!
Come, come, the voice sings,
The old way, or death!

Lyrics (Talossan)

'N regeu xhust és volînd ben për dToct,
O tent creat 'n provînçù.
Acest päts c'esteva liv'rescù,
Más vuit-séifet vid'va 'n cînxh,
Más vuit-séifet vid'va 'n cînxh.

Citaxhiéns, videtz që' paßa!
Prîndetz për zefençar tú phäts.
L'Apîntat o fäts'ci qët o volt,
Contrâ bhen és contrâ tradiziuns.

Vuode volt vivar, ár phäts å liverar!
Avînt, avînt, la vhoce cînt',
El vell, eða la mhoart!