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The Berbers are a group of peoples indigenous to northern Africa. Talossa, according to official myth, is derived from the Berbers in various unspecified ways. They are celebrated today by Berber Heritage Month, the Zuoaves, and miscellaneous cultural contributions (such as recipe collections).

In the most orthodox form, as put forward by Talossa's founder Robert I, the "Berber Hypothesis" states that "[a]ncient North African Berbers contributed to the ancient history of Talossa through their involvement in the prehistory of our European ancestors, and also by creating the ancient Moundbuilder culture on Talossan soil, therefore counting among Talossa's spiritual and physical ancestors."[1] In his 1997 book on the subject, The Berber Project, Robert I described the origin of the idea as a wistful wish that Talossa had an "ancient history."


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