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The Mençei ([mɛnˈsej] ( ); English: Lord President) is the presiding officer of the Senäts. The current Mençei is S:reu Lüc da Schir.

Appointment and Duration of Office

The Mençei is chosen from among the senators and by the senators. The position is held until the senator resigns or ceases to wield senatorial powers in the realm. The Mençei may only be removed by a vote in the Senate of Talossa. A resignation from the office of the Mençei is realised by a letter of advice to the public or to the Sovereign.


The Mençei leads and presides over the discussions in the Senate chambers, analogue to the Túischac'h. He initiates and concludes discussions and calls for votes on motions and bills. The position of the Mençei, and his powers, are derived from Article 5, Section 8 (Org.5.8) of the Organic Law.

List of Lord Presidents

Term Senator Province
35 Quedeir Castiglha BE
37 Trotxâ Betiñéir VD
38 Nicolâ Casálmac'h BE
39 Alexandreu Davinescu MM
41 Xhorxh Pol Briga[1] CZ
41 Bradley Holmes KA
45 Mick Preston MM
47 Glüc da Dhi CZ
48 Pôl d'Aurìbuérg FL
49 Munditenens Tresplet MA
50 Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun[2] MM
51.6 Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h FV
52.5 Lüc da Schir BE
  1. Resigned midway during 1st Clark.
  2. Lost his seat in the 5th Clark of the 51st Cosa.