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The Túischac'h ([ˈtui̯ʃɐx] ( )), or Speaker, is the ceremonial presiding officer of the Cosa, the lower house of the Ziu.

Currently, the Túischac'h is appointed by the Secretary of State upon a petition of a majority of the Cosa, while previously, it was appointed by the King after recommendation from the Seneschal. The current Túischac'h is Sir Lüc da Schir MC.


The office of Túischac'h was first created in 1988, but it was only a position filled on an ad hoc basis; the Cosa elected a Túischac'h in the same bill declaring a Living Cosa; Danihel Laurieir was the first to be appointed Túischac'h in such a way, by 8RC25 and then 8RC28. In 1991, the manner of appointment was changed to a Prime Dictate.

In 1993, the Túischac'h was given a casting vote in case of a tie, and a more permanent nature, as it would now be appointed by the Seneschal alongside the Cabinet. Then-Túischac'h John McGarry, later the 19th Seneschal, may thus be considered the first modern officeholder.

The casting vote was presumably abolished as the Constituziun was replaced by the Organic Law, but the method of appointment only changed in recent years, definitively setting on appointment by petition of a majority of the Cosă in 2020, after a similar but more cumbersome provision was put in place and then reversed a few years prior.


The Túischac'h:

  • Presides, directs and maintains order during Living Cosas and in other Cosa debates, in an unbiased fashion;
  • Reviews legislation to be Clarked as a member ex officio of the Legislative Advisory Committee (CRL);
  • Receives Terpelaziuns directed to the Government by Members of the Cosa;
  • Represents the Ziu, along with the Mençei, in consultations with the Secretary of State regarding the operation of the Chancery;
  • Organizes and conducts the State Opening of the Ziu, along with the Mençei;
  • Advises Members of the Cosa of appropriate decorum.

The Túischac'h used to appoint the five members of the Civil Service Committee, which was the only standing committee of the Cosa, but the committee was abolished by the Royal Civil Service (Estabilishment) Act in mid-2018. The Senate equivalent, the Mençei, has a similar power to appoint the Senate's lone standing committee, the Committee on Rules and Administration.

List of Túischac'hs

Cosă Member of the Cosa Party
Ad-hoc appointees
8th Danihel Laurieir Not an MC
9th no appointee
10th Ián von Metáiriâ TNP
11th Ián von Metáiriâ TNP
Permanent appointees
17th John McGarry PC
18th-33rd no record
34th Ian von Metairia CLP
35th Samuhel Tecladeir CLP
36th no record
37th no record
38th John McGarry KING
39th Flip Molinar CCCP
40th PP
41st Lodewijk Pet PP
42nd Sir Xhorxh Pol Briga RUMP
43rd no record
44th Dame Litz Cjantscheir RUMP
45th Carlüs Xheraltescù ZRT
46th Sir Cresti Siervicül RUMP
47th Sir Iustì Canun RUMP
48th M.T. Patritz da Biondeu FDA
49th Dame Miestrâ Schivâ FreeDems
50th Owen Edwards IEVAAP
51st Munditenens Tresplet FreeDems
53rd Cresti Nouacastra-Läxhirescu AMP
Carlüs Xheraltescù FreeDems
54th Breneir Itravilatx AMP
55th Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù LCC
56th Marcel Tafial PT
57th Sir Alexandreu Davinescu TNC
58th Sir Lüc da Schir PT
59th IND/FreeDems