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Talossa Aid (TAID) is a membership driven, independent and non-governmental humanitarian charitable aid organization.


The mission of TAID is to provide support and financial assistance to local and worldwide initiatives that benefit poor and marginalized peoples of the world for and on behalf of concerned citizens of The Kingdom of Talossa.


Talossa Aid is governed by an executive board of three members. One of these members is the convener and another is the financial trustee. All board members are of equal status and hold one vote each for the purpose of decision making. The board is answerable to the organization's general membership.

The executive board members from 2009 to 2011 were:


Membership is granted to any Talossan wishing to join and to those who pay the yearly membership fee of $5 (USD). Membership fees are paid directly into the organization's humanitarian aid fund. Changes to the charter of TAID are proposed by the executive board and must be ratified by the general membership, requiring a two-thirds majority of voting members.

Humanitarian Aid Fund

TAID operate a humanitarian aid fund. All proceeds received are for charitable purposes in line with the mission statement, aims and values of the group. Administrative costs are personally met by members of the executive board. The first initiatives that this fund paid out to where in support of the Tibetan government-in-exile and to Kiva , which allows donations to low-risk micro-loans which help aspiring entrepreneurs in poor and/or underdeveloped areas.

Current Status

At present and since summer 2011, the group has been dormant. It has not collected any membership fees nor donations and has not made any outbound charitable payments.