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Azul and welcome to TalossaWiki, Litz! If you're a Talossan citizen, please be sure to register yourself so you can make edits here, then go check out the Citizens Portal, where you can see opportunities to contribute and improve the wiki, as well as helpful hints. If you're already approved for editing and ready to begin, then take a moment to read our Book.png Manual of Style.


Dame Litz,

I would recommend integrating your article-in-progress into Cybercit, and making Cybercits into a redirect to the existing article instead. ~ Sevastáin Pinátsch TinyQuill.gif

-- Thanks you saved me a bit of work there!
-- Litz
Anytime. Whenever there is pluralization there's the likelihood of duplication, so best practice is to redirect to the singular.
And if you were interested in creating a fancy signature, I've made instructions on the template page you'll need to use. Let me know if I can help further. ~ Sevastáin Pinátsch TinyQuill.gif 13:59, 1 March 2014 (UTC)