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Royal arms of Louis
Reign: 16 August 2005/XXVI - 29 November 2006/XXVII
Coronation: none
Prime Ministers:

R. Márcüs Cantaloûr
Fritz von Buchholtz
Samuhel Tecladeir

House: House of Rouergue
Predecessor: Robert I
Successor: John
(with a Council of Regency intervening)

King Louis (Luis Guzmán) was King of Talossa following the abdication of Robert I on 16 August 2005 until his own abdication on 29 November 2006. He was one of two Talossan sovereigns who did not hold Talossan citizenship (a dichotomy later made impossible by the ratification of the amendment to Organic Law proposed by the Ziu as 35RZ35).

Louis had been named a member of the Rouergue royal house and heir to Robert I's throne as Prince of Prospect by the passage of Talossan statutory law 33RZ10 which recognised Louis's as having been adopted under Talossan law by Robert I.

As the minor grandson of Robert I's consort, Queen Amy, Louis was unable to exercise the royal authority, so it was entrusted to a regent, Gregory Rajala, appointed by the Ziu (Talossan statute 35RZ1). The Regent exercised the royal powers on behalf of the youthful monarch, and per legislation passed during the regency, the Ziu became the ward of the King under Talossan law and so was empowered to act for the King on personal matters.

Many of the Royal Offices were established during the reign of King Louis, notably the College of Arms, which began to petition the Crown for grants of arms. The Regent also created knights and elevated some Talossan citizens to the peerage.

In response to a request from Louis's natural mother that Louis be relieved of the crown, the Ziu, acting as Louis's Talossan ward (and guardian under statutory law 36RZ1), and therefore entrusted with making personal decisions for the King, abdicated the throne on his behalf on 29 November 2006. With no other members of the Rouergue royal house eligible to the throne, the throne lay vacant, and the Uppermost Court served as a Council of Regency through the ensuing interregnum.


Preceded by
Robert I
King of Talossa
16 August 2005/XXVI - 29 November 2006/XXVII
Succeeded by
Council of Regency