Vuode Palace

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Vuode Palace
Type: Historic Landmark
Location: Palace Township, Madison Parish, Vuode Canton, Vuode Province.

Vuode Palace was the childhood residence of King Robert I and his family. It is located on North Prospect Avenue in Palace Township, Vuode Province.

On 26 December 1979, in the living room of the palace, King Ben formally proclaimed Talossa to be an independent, sovereign state consisting (as the whole of its initial territorial claim) of his bedroom. Harry Madison (Ben's father), Jennifer Madison (Ben's sister), and Xheralt Conâ (Ben's friend) were present for this occasion.

The last notable event to take place at Vuode Palace was the 1998 TalossaFest and Living Cosa.

Robert I moved out of Vuode Palace in 2002. His father continued to live there until his own death in 2006.

The Garage

The garage of Vuode Palace is the site where an act of vandalism (as part of the Cone Wars) took place. The Glib Room Empire, a rival micronation to Talossa led by Xheralt Conâ, vandalised the garage before Madison's father and Conâ's parents intervened to resolve the situation.

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