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52nd Cosa
Senate for the 52nd Cosa

Mençei dal Senäts (Lord President) Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h
Túischac'h dal Cosa (Speaker) Dien Tresplet
New session started July 1st 2018/XXXIX

Houses Cosa and Senäts
Cosa 200 seats
Senate 8 seats
Length of term Staggered, variable
(typically 16 to 24 months)

Last elections June 15 - July 1 2018
Next elections about March or April 2019

Meeting place
Cosa merrillhall.png
Cerimonially: Milwaukee-Downer Quad, Abbavilla

The Ziu (IPA: [zju]) is the bicameral legislature of Talossa, consisting of the Senäts and the Cosa.

Members of the Ziu propose legislation by first presenting it in the Hopper for discussion and then submitting it to the Secretary of State to be put in the clark so the legislation can be voted upon. Most bills require a majority of both houses of the Ziu to pass, whereas amendments to the Organic Law require the support of 2/3rds of the Cosa and a majority (or in some cases a 2/3rds supermajority) of the Senäts.

The King is also a member, ex officio, of the Ziu, as his approval of bills is an integral part of the passage of legislation into law. Being a member of the Ziu also affords the King the ability to introduce bills thereto, although in practice he seldom exercises this power.

The Ziu's cerimonial meeting place is in Abbavilla, Atatürk: the Cosa meets in Merrill Hall, while the Senate meets in the smaller Greene Hall and has its offices in the neighbouring Johnston Hall. All of these locations are in the so-called Milwaukee-Downer Quad and are currently occupied by the Cestour University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Legislative actions of the Ziu are codified in the Digest of Laws.