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Ián Anglatzarâ (Johan Anglemark) is a citizen of Talossa. He served as Secretary of State throughout the 24th and 25th Cosa, and into the 26th.

He left the Kingdom early in 2001 with other members of the Talossan Liberal Party, after the King had announced that he would use his powers to make sure that the TLP would never be allowed to form a government, regardless of election results. He was readmitted as a citizen by the Uppermost Cort in January 2003 but the Cort's decision was overturned by a Royal veto. He joined the Talossan Republic after it was established in June 2004. He returned to the Kingdom during the process of Reunision. In the General Election establishing the 44th Cosa, he became the first-ever Senator for Fiôvâ province.


Preceded by
Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù
Senator for Cézembre
49th Cosa - 50th Cosa
Succeeded by
Glüc da Dhi
Preceded by
Charles Sauls
Secretary of State
1 May 1998/XIX - 1 January 2000/XXI
Succeeded by
Tamorán dal Navâ
Preceded by
Béneditsch Ardpresteir (Acting)
Minister of Immigration
24 Jan 2014/XXXV - 24 Oct 2017/XXXVIII
Succeeded by
Ian Plätschisch (as Interior Minister)
Preceded by
(Office created)
Senator for Fiôvâ
44th Cosa - 46th Cosa
Succeeded by
Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN
Preceded by
Dieter Vercáriâ
President of the Talossan Republic
1 June 2007/XXVIII - 31 May 2009/XXX
Succeeded by
Txec Rôibeardsëfiglheu