2010 Constitution of Vuode

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The 2010 Constitution of Vuode was the highest provincial law of the United Provinces of Vuode and Dandenburg from 2010 to 2013 before being abandoned in favour of a new constitution. Its ten articles defined the boundaries of the province, the role of the Cunstaval, the composition and functions of the Estats Xhenerais (provincial government) and other topics.


The 2010 constitution of Vuode was primarily authored by Dréu Gavárþic'h with the aid of Éovart Grischun during the summer of 2009. It was ratified by the Vuodean citizenry via referendum, held between 26 October and 22 November 2009/XXX. A bill was then sent to the Ziu to request proclamation of the constitution, which passed but was then vetoed by King John on the grounds that proclamation of provincial constitutions are a Royal prerogative alone. The King then proclaimed the constitution on 26 January 2010/XXXI.


Article I: Extent of Powers

Text of Art.I

This article served as a preamble to the constitution. It cites reference from the Organic Law before declaring the right of Vuode and it's citizens to self governance and to all powers not vested in the Kingdom by the OrgLaw.

Article II: Points of State

Text of Art.II

This article established the official name of the province in both English and Talossan, the geographic boundaries of the province, it's capital, the Pontiac, it's historical capital, the Pavillion, the description of a provincial flag and Coat of Arms, the provincial anthem and the official motto.

Article III: The Cunstaval

Text of Art.III
See our main article on this subject at Cunstaval.

This article defined the scope of powers granted to the provincial Cunstaval.

Article IV: Elections to the Estats Xhenerais

Text of Art.IV
See our main article on this subject at Government and politics of Vuode.

This article defined the provincial government, it's composition (in brief) and how elections to it are carried out. It also provided mechanisms for the resignation or removal of provincial government officials from office.

Article V: Composition of the Estats Xhenerais

Text of Art.V

This article explained, in-depth, the composition and role of the provincial government.

Article VI: Passing Legislation

Text of Art.VI
See our main article on this subject at Provincial Law (Vuode).

This article established the process for proposing and passing provincial legislation.

Article VII: Votes of Confidence

Text of Art.VII

This article established a mechanism for recalling the provincial Premiers and the Cunstaval.

Article VIII: Amendments to the Constitution

Text of Art.VIII

This article established how future amendments to the constitution were to be handled.

Article IX: The Courts

Text of Art.IX
See our main article on this subject at Judiciary.

This article established that until a judicial system was created in the province, that legal matters were to be arbitrated by the national level Magistrate's Court.

Article X: Territorial Subdivisions

Text of Art.X

This article defined the province's Cantons.

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