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The Legislative Chancellery is the bicameral legislative body of the Province of Benito. It is composed by the Assembly and the Senate.

Current Chancellery


MA Party Seats
Lüc da Schir, O.Be. MRPT 3
Erschéveþ da Schir 3
Iason Taiwos (Maestro) NPW 1
Vitxalmour Conductour 1
Eiric Börnatfiglheu 1
FreeDem 1
vacant RUMP 1


Senator Category
Iason Bitxichë Taiwos Former National Senator
Flip Molinar Former National Senator
Tric'hard Carschaleir Former National Senator
Istefan Perþonest, O.Be. Order of Benito recipient
Lüc da Schir, O.Be. Order of Benito recipient

Timoþi Asmourescu (Independent) sat as a former national Senator on the Benitian Senate until his renounciation of citizenship in early 2016.

Past Chancelleries

47th Cosâ

Arvitieir Prima Lüc da Schir

46th Cosâ

Arvitieir Prima Don Istefan Eovárt Perþonest


Ch. Lüc Ianescu-Braneusëfiglheu da Schir 5
Ch. Erschéveþ da Schir 5

45th Cosâ

Arvitieir Prima Don Istefan Eovárt Perþonest


Ch. Vitxalmour Pelbiançeu Conductour 2
Ch. Lüc Ianescu-Braneusëfiglheu da Schir 2
Ch. Don Istefan Eovárt Perþonest 1
Ch. Txosue Vernairac'h Pologn 1
Ch. Don Flip Molinar 1

Tímoþi Asmourescu's four RUMP seats became vacant on 19 July 2013/XXXIV after his renounciation of citizenship.

Bills submitted

A Sense of the Chancellery
Should we form an exploratory committee to rename the Province?
Vote Yea or Nay
Ch. Asmorescu

the Committee Extabilishing Act
WHEREAS, the Benitian Legislative Chancellery voted in favour of the formation of a committee to explore the possibility of renaming the Province;
WHEREAS, said resolution remains ignored by everyone, unless there are rules about how the committee is formed, to start working on it;
WHEREAS, I don't see why should we waste time and do not work instead of following the resolutions of our Legislative Chancellery;
THEREFORE the Legislative Chancellery of the Sovereign Province of Benito establishes that:

As decided by the Legislative Chancellery with six votes in favour and five abstentions, an exploratory committee is formed.
The aim of this committee is to find a reasonable alternative to the current name of our Province, Benito; a name that should be largely shared by the citizens.
The committee shall be formed by one member from each of the parties represented in the Chancellery. The Arvitieir Prima and the Maestro of Benito have the right to sit into the committee, but the final vote is to be taken by the members from the parties.
Once the name, or the list of names, is found, it will be presented by the members of the committee to the Legislative Chancellery. The Arvitieir Prima shall then call for a vote in the next available Clark. Furthermore, if the name will be approved with the absolute majority of the Chancellery (six votes out of eleven), a referendum will be held between the citizens of Benito in the next General Election.
If the referendum results in a majority of YES votes, the new name will be adopted the first day of the first Clark after the election.

FURTHERMORE, the names of the main offices of Benito (Maestro, Arvitieir, Chancellery) shall remain the same, and so the names of the Cantons will.


Ch. Lüc Ianescu-Braneusefiglheu da Schir (MRPT)

the Arvitieir Prima 2.0 Act
WHEREAS, the office of Arvitieir Prima is not provided in the Constitution;
WHEREAS, the offices of Maestro, Viceré and Senator are, and so why the Arvitieir isn't?;
WHEREAS, I am sure that this office is more than important for Benito, and kudos to the current holder for his work;
THEREFORE the Legislative Chancellery of the Sovereign Province of Benito establishes that the Constitution of the Sovereign Province of Benito is amended to read, and a new section will be added between "El Representanteu Noval" and "Distribution of Power":

16. The Arviteir Prima (in English, Chief Umpire) shall serve as the nonpartisan presiding official of the Legislative Chancellery. The rulings and judgments of the Arviteir Prima in this role may be appealed to a vote of the members of the Chancellery.
17. The Arviteir Prima is in charge of making sure new Maestros are elected when the position is open.
18. The position of Arviteir Prima does not entitle the holder to a vote in the Chancellery, not even to break ties.
19. The Arviteir Prima shall provide advisory opinions to the Maestro and Chancellery upon request, and shall represent the province in national and provincial courts unless the Maestro appoints another representative.
20. The Arvitier Prima is appointed by the Maestro, and shall serve until the Maestro appoints another to the job.

FURTHERMORE, the numeration of the subsequent articles is modified accordingly.
FURTHER-FURTHERMORE, the Proclamations of the Maestro "Arvitieir Prima" (A Proclamation to Create an Arvitier Prima of Benito) and its amendment "Arvitieir Prima II" are now repealed and substituted by this amendment.


Ch. Lüc Ianescu-Braneusefiglheu da Schir (MRPT)

44th Cosâ


Name: Party: Seats:
Lüc da Schir MRPT 2
Flip Molinar CSPP 1
Eiric Mataiwos Vürinalt CSPP 1
Eldsfäts Blasiüs CeR 1
Admiral T.M. Asmourescu RUMP 2
Vitxalmour Conductour RUMP 2
Istefan Perþonest RUMP 2

Bills submitted

The Support Act
WHEREAS, Provinces remain often forgotten due to their too-hidden board on Wittenberg;
WHEREAS, this is also what happens to the nicest province of the Regipäts, Benito;
WHEREAS, this causes a lack of activity in our province, noticed, in order, by s:r Asmorescu, s:r Perþonest and s:r da Schir;
WHEREAS this is bad;
THEREFORE WE, the Glorious Chancellery of the Great Province of Benito, endorse and give full support at the Provinces Developing Petition, proposed by s:r A. Davinescu and so far endorsed by M-M and Cezembre.

Uréu q'estadra sâ:
Lüc da Schir, Chancellor, MRPT


Whereas the Sovereign Province of Benito has proven itself capable of self-governance and
Whereas we have lacked an actively involved Vicere since the abdication of Owen Edwards and
Whereas we would really thrive with an active Vicere and
Whereas we believe the next Vicere of Benito should be a Benitian and
Whereas Canada and Australia bother have vice regal representatives appointed from among their own citizenry and
Whereas if you want a more provincially oriented example, Canadian provinces have a vice regal representative (Lieutenant Governor) appointed from their own citizenry and
Whereas, we are way cooler than Canada, but this is something to think about so
THEREFORE, we call upon the kindness of King John and pray that he grant us a Vicere from among our own number to represent His Royal Highness in the function and form of our government.

Ch. Asmourescu