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Over the years, many Talossans have come to be referred to by nicknames. In fact, some Talossans are better known by their nicknames than by their full names.

Talossan Numeral Citizen Nicknames

Those Talossans whose initials are from the set of letters making up Roman numerals are often referred to by the numerical equivalent. Because the construction of the number is not always proper according to the rules of Roman numerals, such forms are called "Talossan Numerals", and firmly establish a theory that the ancient Berbers were more flexible and adept in their use of Roman numerals than were the Romans.

Other Citizen Nicknames

Many other nicknames are commonly used, often, but not always, formed from the initials of the citizen.

Nicknames Referring to Positions

  • "Captain Mayday" (from SOS, the Secretary of State)
  • "Mister Night-time" and "The Sandman" (from PM and its meaning of post-meridian; the Seneschal)