Un-Named Party

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Un-Named Party
Leader: Tom Buffone, Danihel Laurieir
Founded: 1991
Beliefs: Leftism, anarchism, peculiarism

The Un-Named Party (abbreviated UNP or UP, not to be confused with the United Party) was a leftist, peculiarist political party founded by Tom Buffone in 1991, later joined by Danihel Laurieir.

Described by Robert I as a "hippie leftist party", it was defeated by the Progressive Conservatives in the elections for the 13th Cosa, winning 92 seats to the PC's 108 (later augmented to 123 by the rules of the then-D&D Cosa).

The party would run as the one-man Anarchist Party (AP) for the 14th Cosa, with Buffone as the lone MC. However, when the PC's Dave Kuenn, Ron Rosalez and Art Verbotten broke with the Metáiriâ government, voting against it on Confidence, Metáiriâ dissolved the Cosa and called for new elections, which the UNP won. Buffone gained a third term as Prime Minister, governing together with the SEIRP's Jack Schneider.

Much controversy would follow; for instance, the First Clark started with no UNP members and Buffone immediately lost the Vote of Confidence (a vote later overturned). A national identity referendum was voted on in November 1992, which didn't get the required 2/3rds due to UNP opposition; as such, Vuode briefly seceded under Robert. This resulted in lawsuits between Robert and Laurieir, with the King arguing that only if Talossa was a real country Vuode's secession would have any meaning (hence affirming his own philosophy of derivatism against Laurieir's peculiarism).

Ultimately Buffone dissolved the Cosa two months in advance; in the ensuing elections, the UNP and PC tied on 87, and Nic Kovac's Minority Party decided to coalesce with the PC, putting Metáiriâ back into power. A row over the validity of Brook Pànetâ's ballot, which Buffone alleged Metáiriâ had forged, led the UNP to refuse to appoint any Cosa seats; thus the PC could govern alone with a large majority. The UNP then faded away, boycotting the subsequent election. Buffone would not run for office again until 1995, when he fielded an one-man Anarchist Party again; Laurieir would get PC seats in 1994, later breaking away to reform the Peculiar Way and then run for the 20th Cosa for the Vacillation Party.