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Masthead of the paper.

Beric'ht Talossan (pronounced [beˈɾiçt tɐɫoˈsan] or [tɐðoˈsan]) is a current Talossan newspaper, founded by Sir Alexandreu Davinescu. Munditenens Tresplet, D:r Txec dal Nordselvă, Glüc da Dhi, and Tráveç Dun are staff writers, with Sir C. M. Siervicül, Mà la Mhà, and Martì-Paír Furxheir as a features contributors. There are two staff cartoonists, both anonymous, who go by the pseudonyms "Elo Cutor" and "Eric S. Mildew," and a two-person podcasting team for the audio version (Beric'ht Auscultaval, pronounced [beˈɾiçt ˌɐwskuɬtɐˈvaɫ] or [ˌɐwskuɬtɐˈvaw]), run by Riley Miller. Françal Ian Lux is the paper's webmaster for its online archives. Beric'ht is an affiliate of the Talossan Press Association.

The paper was founded on 14 Mar 2014/XXXV with a staff of three. It publishes a new issue every other Sunday morning. It has been published regularly since its founding. The average length of each issue of Beric'ht is about seven to eight pages, and consists of news reporting, opinion columns, cultural features on the Talossan language, editorial cartoons, and items of special interest. Special features have included an illustrated guide to the parties and candidates (during election time), a long profile of prominent politician Dame Miestrâ Schivâ, and an annotated excerpt from Iustì Canun's translation of The Hobbit.

The paper is not only the first Talossan newspaper to publish on a regular schedule since the demise of Støtanneu, but also the first instance of any Talossan media successfully running a paid advertising service. The nominal fee for advertising was initially set against the cost of becoming an official "Supporter of Talossa" via a donation to the nation's coffers, with subsequent revenues being collected for distribution to staff. Beric'ht became the first official Supporter of Talossa, the first company incorporated under Talossan law, and the first media organization to pay its contributors for their work.

The advertised cost of Beric'ht is 1ℓ, but to date this cost has been waived and the publication has been provided free of charge. The paper regularly employs gimmicks to expand its readership, heavily promoting its subscription service to new citizens, releasing issues early to subscribers, and generally making a nuisance of itself. Beric'ht bills itself as "the first draft of history."

Current Contributors

Staff Reporters



  • "Elo Cutor"
  • "Eric S. Mildew"

Beric'ht Auscultaval


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