Bureau of Home Affairs

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Bureau of Home Affairs
Current Head: Bentxamì Puntmasleu
Function: Oversees Cestour relations and Talossan involvement and affairs within the Greater Talossan Area.

The Bureau of Home Affairs (Talossan: El Büreu dels Afaes Înphätseschti, pronounced [əɫ ˈbyɾɪʊ̯ dəɫz‿ɐˈfaɪ̯s ɨnˈfæt͡seʃtʲ] or [əw ˈbyɾɪʊ̯ ðəwz‿ɐˈfaɪ̯s ɨnˈfæt͡seʃtʲ]), statutorily under the the Ministry of Culture (Lexh.D.2.7.1) but reporting to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 3 November 2023/XLIV, is responsible for the order and well-being of the homeland and its environs. It provides a public presence in or near the Greater Talossan Area, and assists in the organization of official events held therein, and sees to any needs of the cestours (non-citizen residents) that merit attention by the government of Talossa.

The Bureau of Home Affairs maintains the National Registry of Organizations, Communities, and Landmarks.


The Ministry of Home Affairs, the preceding agency of the Bureau, was established on 18 April 2007/XXVIII in the First La Mha Cabinet. The rationale behind its establishment was "...the Home Ministry will be very cool, and our first Home Minister will hopefully get the chance to meet a lot of Talossans making the Haxh, and organize events (like a nice cool Living Cosâ) in the GTA, and will do an amazing job encouraging Cestours to become full citizens of their home country."[1] Don Deutschmann was appointed its first minister.

In the 2010s, the Ministry, and later the Bureau, consisted of two departments. The Department of Provincial Affairs was led by the "Determined Provincialist". Sevastáin Pinátsch served in this capacity from 20 June 2014/XXXV. The Department of Cestour Affairs was responsible for seeing that the interests of Cestours received the proper attention of the government. It was led by the "National Pacifier" (Piaçateir Naziunal), who was assisted by bureaucrats known as Binkies (C'huescours). Scott Tucker served as National Pacifier from 23 July 2012/XXXIII.

On 20 September 2014/XXXV, the Ministry of Home Affairs (along with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Immigration was reformed as a bureau of the newly establish Ministry of the Interior. In merging the three aforementioned ministries, the First Da Schir Cabinet fulfilled a plank of the Liberal Congress platform. The "It's the Immigration, Stupid" Act (56RZ12), passed on 6 February 2022/XLIII, abolished the Ministry of the Interior and transferred authority of the Bureau of Home Affairs to the Ministry of Culture. On 3 November 2023/XLIV, SeneschalBråneu Excelsio decreed that the Bureau would report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under his government.[2]

List of Ministers

Minister From To Cabinet
Don Deutschmann 18 April 2007/XXVIII 21 January 2008/XXIX La Mha I
Vincent Whitacre 21 January 2008/XXIX 30 July 2009/XXX La Mha II, Ventrutx
Peter van Peursem 30 July 2009/XXX 25 April 2010/XXXI Canun
Ieremiac'h Ventrutx 25 April 2010/XXXI 29 January 2011/XXXII Davinescu
Litz Cjantscheir 29 January 2011/XXXII 29 October 2011/XXXII Cjantscheir I
Bradley Holmes 29 October 2011/XXXII 23 July 2012/XXXIII Cjantscheir II
Dan Meriula 23 July 2012/XXXIII 11 January 2013/XXXIV La Mha III, Da Chilseu
Munditenens-Txec Patritz da Biondeu 11 January 2013/XXXIV 18 July 2013/XXXIV Da Chilseu, Dal Nordselva
Dan Meriula 18 July 2013/XXXIV 24 January 2014/XXXV Dal Nordselva
Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h 24 January 2014/XXXV 19 September 2014/XXXV Da Dhi

List of Bureau Chiefs

Note: This list is incomplete.

Director From To Title
Munditenens-Txec Patritz da Biondeu[3] 27 July 2015/XXXVI Deputy Minister
Iac Marscheir[4] 29 July 2018/XXXIX Deputy Minister
vacant [5] 3 August 2018/XXXIX n/a
Bentxamì Puntmasleu[6] 3 November 2023/XLIV present Director

Strategic Plan for 2024/XLV

On 2 January 2024/XLV, the Bureau published a plan to guide its activities for the coming year and to give citizens the ability to scrutinize its progress. The full plan can be read here: File:BHAplan2024XLV.pdf