Mximo Carbonèl

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Mximo Carbonèl is a citizen of Talossa and of Florencia province. He has served in multiple offices, including briefly as Seneschal after the Halloween Crisis of 2003.

Early Citizenship

Carbonèl, a native of Montreal, Québec, became a citizen of Talossa on 1 March 1997. He soon formed the RCT party, and served as a member of the Cosa, Senator, and held the (now abolished) post of Opposition Leader.


During the Halloween Crisis, with the Cosa divided among a number of parties, none able to command a majority (the largest party, the Black Hand, had won 97 seats), the Progressive Conservatives, who had been at the helm of the government for five years, attempted to form a government, but were rebuffed.

Leaders of the Black Hand and ZPT parties conferred with each other and, controlling a majority (104 seats) in the Cosa, the King was asked to appoint the Black Hand's Mximo Carbonèl to form a majority government, replacing the PC's Tamorán dal Navâ. Carbonèl was sworn in as Talossa's twenty-seventh Prime Minister by telephone on 11 November 2003.

Carbonèl's appointment was not popular with the Progressive Conservative Party, and an atmosphere of personal enmity grew between the opposition and the government. Carbonèl opened his MN-ZPT cabinet up to invite participation from other parties or individuals that wanted to get things done in Talossa. But the attacks on the government by Opposition Leader Michael Pope made Carbonèl's efforts difficult, and made Carbonèl a controversial figure.

On 22 November, when Secretary of State Martì-Païr Furxhéir acknowledged the switching of the Cosa seats of ZPT party leader Gary Cone to the PC, the government was deprived of its majority. The PC announced that Carbonèl was out and instructed the King to appoint PC member Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h as Prime Minister.

When King Robert and Cort Justice Sir Ián Metáiriâ met to resolve the crisis, Carbonèl agreed to step down so that Válcadác'h could return on an interim basis, before power would ultimately be handed over to Quedéir Castiglhâ, a less controversial member of the ascendant Black Hand. Carbonèl resigned on 2 December 2004 and retired from politics.

Return to Talossa

In 2011, Carbonèl returned from the self-imposed exile he began during the crisis of 2004, and took up active Talossan life once more. He currently serves in the Cosa and is an active and vocal member of the opposition.


Preceded by
Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h
11 November 2003/XXIV - 2 December 2003/XXIV
Succeeded by
Gary Cone
Preceded by
Davíu Lundescu
Minister of Defense
24 Jan 2014/XXXV - Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Art Verbotten
Senator for Florencia
25th Cosa (Clark 4) - Dissolution of the 29th Cosa
Succeeded by
Art Verbotten
Member of Cosa 44th  45th