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This is the official Péngöpäts territorial government portal. Any unauthorized edits to this page are not very nice.
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The Royal Governor's Mansion

Government Links

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For Non-Residents

For Residents (or anyone else)

Official Announcements from the Desk of the Governor

Inactivity by the Royal Governor's Office

The Royal Governor Makes Another Empty Promise

The Governor has announced today that he will eventually get around to becoming more active with publishing press releases. Speaking to no one in particular, he remarked, "This one doesn't count."

Munditenens Tresplet
Governor of Péngöpäts

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Gubernatorial Decrees

  1. MTPGD1 -- Issuing a full pardon for any and all felonious or otherwise bad acts that may or may not have been committed by Munditenens Tresplet on the date of May 12th, 2000. -- DECREED JULY 9th, 2012/XXXIII. AMENDED July 12th, 2012/XXXIII.
  2. MTPGD2 -- Granting Honorary Residency for Éovart Grischun. -- DECREED JULY 21st, 2012/XXXIII.
  3. MTPGD3 -- Granting Honorary Residency for Xheneta Britxind and more. -- DECREED AUGUST 3rd, 2012/XXXIII.
  4. MTPGD4 -- Conduction of Non-Binding Referendum regarding Provinical-Hood -- DECREED AUGUST 7th, 2012/XXXIII.
  5. MTPGD5 -- Certification of Results of Non-Binding Referendum regarding Provinical-hood -- CERTIFIED NOVEMBER 15th, 2012/XXXIII.
  6. MTPGD6 -- Granting Honorary Residency for Béneditsch Ardpresteir -- DECREED JULY 28th, 2013/XXXIV.
  7. MTPGD7 -- Granting Honorary Residency for Sevastáin Pinátsch -- DECREED SEPTEMBER 25th, 2014/XXXV.
  8. MTPGD8 -- Back to the Future Part II -- DECREED SEPTEMBER 30th, 2017/XXXVIII.