April 2010 General Election

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The April 2010 General Election was held from 15 March 2010/XXXI to 14 April 2010/XXXI and elected members to the 41st Cosa and also filled Senator seats for Benito, Maritiimi-MaxhesticVuode. The election was administered by Secretary of State, Sir Mick Preston.

127 voters were elegible to vote in the election and 65 ballots were cast. Voter turnout was 51.18%

Registered parties

The following political parties were registered for the April 2010 election:

  • CRO (Cezembré Reunification Organisation)
  • PPT (Progressive Party of Talossa)
  • RUMP ()

Error on the ballot

The ballot for the election was sent out by the Chancery with a misprint. Party statements from the previous election were used by mistake. The PPT (Progressive Party of Talossa) was known as the PP (Progressive Party) during the previous election and the new name change had not been reflected on the ballot. The Chancery decided to accept votes cast for the PP as well as votes cast for the PPT and count them all towards the newly named party.

Results of the Cosa election

Party Number of votes cast Percentage of votes cast Seats awarded Majority
CRO 1 1.538 3
PPT 28 43.076 89
RUMP 34 52.307 108 YesY
'present' 2 3.076 0

Results of the Senatorial elections

Three senatorial elections were held concurrently to the April 2010 General Election.


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
T.M. Asmourescu 0
Flip Molinar 6 YesY


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Alexander Davis 3
Breneir Tzaracomprada 5 YesY


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Dréu Gavárþic'h 3
Viteu Marcianüs 4 YesY

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