December 2016 General Election

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December 2016 General Election
March 2016 General Election 15 Nov 2016 - 1 Dec 2016 October 2017 General Election

All 200 seats in the Cosa
101 seats needed for a majority
Eligible voters 193
Turnout 117 (60.62%)
MRPT2016.png RUMPlogo.png FreeDemLogo3.png
Leader Lüc da Schir Cresti M. Siervicül Dien Tresplet
Party MRPT RUMP FreeDem
Leader since 11 Aug 2014 Early 2016 Dec 2015
Leader's seat Senator (BE) MC (RUMP) Senator (MA)
Last election 37 61 66
Seats won 79 62 47
Seat change Increase 42 Increase 1 Decrease 19
Popular vote 42 33 25
Percentage 39.62% 31.13% 23.58%
Swing Increase 1.97% Increase 0.62% Decrease 9.47%
Leader Mximo Carbonel Eovart Caçeir
Last election 3 new party
Seats won 9 2
Seat change Increase 6 new party
Popular vote 5 1
Percentage 4.72% 0.94%
Swing Increase 3.02% new party

Seat apportionment for the 50th Cosa

Outgoing Seneschal Appointed Seneschal
Cresti Siervicül
Lüc da Schir

The December 2016 General Election was held from 15 November 2016/XXXVII to 1 December 2016/XXXVII and elected members to the 50th Cosa and also filled four Senator seats for Atatürk, Benito, Florencia, and Vuode.

Elections to six provincial assemblies and five referendums to ratify amendments to the Organic Law were conducted as well. The election was administered by Secretary of State, Marti-Pair Furxheir.

117 ballots were cast.

Registered parties

Four national political parties were registered for the December 2016 election, and one has been registered after the elections were held, following a write-in vote:

Results of the Cosa elections

Results of the General Elections are as follows:

Party Number of votes cast Seats awarded
Moderate Radical Party of Talossa 42 79
RUMP 33 62
Free Democrats of Talossa 25 47
Republican Party 5 10

Results of the Senatorial elections

Three senatorial elections were held concurrently to the December 2016 General Election.


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Sevastáin Pinátsch 8 YesY
Bradley Holmes 3


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Lüc da Schir 12 YesY
Iason Taiwos 5
Alessandro Piazza 1


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Ma Conta la Mha 7 YesY
Mximo Carbonel 1


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Éovart Grischun 5 YesY
Viteu Marcianüs 2
Angela Parsons 1