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Each province of Talossa maintains a provincial assembly. In some provinces (Atatürk, Benito, Florencia, Maritiimi-Maxhestic), in proportion to election results, parties are assigned seats to which they appoint members. In others (Cézembre, Fiôvâ, Maricopa, Vuode), provincial citizens claim seats by declaration.

Assembly Head of Government Partisan control TNC FreeDems DIEN PdR
Ka flag.gif House of Commons Başbakan Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir FreeDems 9 11 - -
Be flag.gif Benitian Assembly Maestro Lüc da Schir FreeDems 3 7 - 1
Be flag.gif Benitian Senate Nonpartisan, 5 seats
Ce flag.png L'Etats Sénéchal þerxh Sant-Enogat Nonpartisan, one seat for each citizen who claims one
Fl flag.jpg Nimlet Governor Breneir Tzaracomprada TNC 8 1 - -
Fi flag.png General Assembly Capitan Audrada Rôibeardét Nonpartisan, one seat for each citizen
Ma flag.gif Cabana Premier Txec dal Nordselvă No overall control 3 2 2 -
Mmflag.png Assembly Grand General Secretary Alexandreu Davinescu No overall control 1 1 - -
Vd flag.gif Estats Xhenerais Premier Bentxamì Puntmasleu TNC 2 1 - -

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