April 1985 General Election

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The April 1985 General Election was the first successful, democratic and multi party election ever to be held in Talossa. Voting began on 1 April 1985/VI

Parties contesting the election

Result of the Election

Party Percentage of votes
PC 33.3
DDP 16.7
TNP 16.7
TCP 8.3
RPR 25.0


Prior to the election taking place, King Ben had already decided that he wanted von Metáiriâ to serve as Talossa’s Prime Minister. To ensure that he got the result he desired, he declared that the vote of any citizen failing to vote was to be considered a vote for the RPR, which was a "puppet organisation" belonging to the King. It was reported that the King "tinkered with the rules" throughout the election.


The King appointed von Metáiriâ as Prime Minister of a "National Unity" government. This government included everyone except the members of the DDP.