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Moderate Radical Party of Talossa
Leader: Lüc da Schir
Dates Active: August 2011 to present
Beliefs: Centrism, constitutional monarchy, progressivism, liberalism, derivatism, secularism

The Moderate Radical Party of Talossa is a Talossan political party. Initially known as simply the Moderate Radical Party (MRP), the name was changed in 2012 to avoid confusion with a former party of the Republic of Talossa sharing that same acronym.

The MRPT's Party Leader is the Benitian Lüc da Schir, elected to the post during the MRPT's Third Congress. He took over from the founder and former member of the PPT Glüc da Dhi, who decided not to seek re-election and terminated his three-year role in the leadership.

The party currently has eighteen members, including former Prime Ministers Glüc da Dhi and Lüc da Schir and Senators Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun and Sevastáin Pinátsch. The official colours of the MRPT are #126ECC (Moderate Blue) and #FF6600 (Radical Orange) and its mascot and symbol is a seahorse.


On micronations:

  • No diplomatic relations with "bug-micronations".
  • The Foreign Ministry should try to investigate what serious, "like minded" "micronations" are currently active and the potential risks and benefits associated with various forms of diplomatic contacts with such nations, within the limits of the Afaes Utphätseschti Act.
  • The government should try to increase its visibility in the micronational world.

On the Senate:

  • Provinces should be in charge of electing Senators, whenever possible.
  • A small fee for accepting seats in the Senate might be introduced in the future, but only if necessary because webhosting consistently costs more than revenue generated by donations and stamp/coin/talossaware sales.
  • Votes in the Senate should be degressively proportional to the number of citizens of the province a senator represents.

On the Cosa:

  • On the long term Talossa needs a Real Cosâ, which will be achieved by a combination of population growth and a decrease in the size of the Cosâ to sixty seats.
  • The Seneschal should be elected by the Cosa using a preferential ballot rather than be appointed by the King. On the long term, the MRPT will consider the possibility of a PM directly elected by the voters.
  • The fee for participating in Cosa elections may only be raised if absolutely necessary for the purpose of webhosting and not before a fee for accepting seats in the Senate has been introduced.

On the secret ballot: The MRPT is happy with the current amendment to introduce a semi-secret ballot, but would like to go one step further and introduce a full automated secret ballot for Cosâ and Senatorial elections, under the condition that a diverse independent committee has access to the admin account to monitor the elections.

On separation of power:

  • The MRPT believes that on the long term further separation of power is needed.
  • Too many offices should not be held by too few people. This can however only be achieved alongside a growth of the population.
  • When Talossa has more than 1000 citizens full separation of power between the judiciary, executive and legislative should, at least on a national level, be realistic.

On citizenship and privacy:

  • The MRPT does not support plans to make immigration laws stricter in the sense that more activity or knowledge from the prospective citizen is required than under the current rules.
  • Any contact information received from the prospective by the Interior Ministry or the Chancery is strictly private and may not be shared with third parties outside the Interior Ministry or the Chancery, with the exception of email addresses, which may be shared with the Electoral Commission, and provincial institutions that have tasks similar to that of the Chancery. Provinces may use the chancery database to maintain their own email database for the purpose of holding elections. The list of email addresses should be regularly updated by the chancery.
  • The MRPT believes that Talossan citizenship should not prevent Talossans from pursuing their own interests outside Talossa and will protect the right of Talossans to do so. This includes joining micronations.

On provincial assignment:

  • Provincial assignment should remain based on actual geographical location.
  • The default option for moving permanently across provincial assignment borders should be a change of province.
  • Increasing provincial activity.
  • The census should be used to identify citizens who are assigned to the "wrong" province and provide them with the option of changing province.

On Laws of the Kingdom:

  • When a project can be completed without any new legislation, it should generally be completed without any new legislation.
  • Many provisions of the Organic Law would be better suited as part of Statutory Law.
  • Whenever the OrgLaw is reformed in its entirety, a midterm referendum should be held to allow additional legislation during that term.
  • The MRPT supports the adoption of the Organic Law proposed by the Committee for Organic and Statutory Reform, but is willing to work with the proponents of other proposals if doing so would result in a new Organic Law which both rids the Organic Law of its many provisions which are better suited to statutory law, and either advances the ideals of the MRPT or retains most of the current features of Talossan Democracy and Monarchy.
  • The MRPT does not believe that frequently amending the Organic Law is inherently bad, as doing so allows Talossa to experiment with and perfect government systems

On culture:

  • Promoting and protecting Talossan culture, language and traditions. The CUG remains the institution responsible for protecting the Talossan language.
  • The government should not try to do what Talossans can do themselves, but instead stimulate private initiative.
  • In most cases, the Government should facilitate and support cultural projects, rather than lead or own them.
  • The Ziu should in most cases refrain from endorsing cultural practices as being "Talossan" when there is no evidence the practice is in fact strongly related to Talossan culture.

On awards and recognition:

  • The MRPT will continue and expand a nationwide dialogue on the creation a formal National Honours System for the purposes of providing a mechanism of recognition for civic contributions & service to our nation and will support the creation of such a system.

On judicial reform: The MRPT is committed to reforming the Royal Talossan Bar, in a way that allows competent and dedicated prospective barristers to be admitted to the Bar through a period of apprenticeship and an automated law exam. Unless the Royal Society can guarantee regular, scheduled law courses, attendance and graduation should not be compulsory to seek admission to the Bar. Measures will be sought to ensure that such a reform is reached with broad, nonpartisan consensus.

On the Monarchy and the Royal Household:

  • The MRPT is fundamentally monarchist, and supports the hereditary Monarchy. However, we also believe in democratic values, which means the Kings political power should be limited. Additionally, there should be democratic way to remove the monarch if there is large public and parliamentary support for such a step.
  • Officers currently part of the royal household should remain within the royal household.

On Talossan webpresence:

  • The government should continue paying for and
  • The ministry of STUFF should coordinate with the Talossan Web Registrant to find cheaper hosting options for and
  • The government should aim to archive the remaining content of and close the site by 2020.
  • An MRPT minister of STUFF will continue making both up to date and updateproof by removing unneccesary pages and transfering content to the wiki.
  • Finalising the nationalisation of the Talossan database should be a priority for the next government.
  • The MRPT is committed to allow both privately run fora and create a government run forum in the form of telecomuna in the future, but might choose to accept a further delay if Talossa is not ready for two separate fora yet.

Financial expectations (start 51st cosa term - start 52nd cosa term):

Election fees 52nd Cosa election: +50$

Sales (Coins/Stamps/Talossaware): +100$

Donations Kingdom: +75$

Donations Talossaid +25$

Talossaid -25$ Webhosting reimbursements 50th Cosa: -91.48$

Webhosting costs 51st Cosa -245.82$

Additional expenses -30$

Total -142.30$


The MRPT boasts members from each of the eight provinces of the Kingdom. The most represented provinces are Benito, Cézembre and Maritiimi-Maxhestic with four members each.

Province Member Current party offices Current National offices Current Provincial offices Joined
#1 Ce flag.png Glüc da Dhi - MC, Minister of STUFF Mol'E, Senechal Founder (Aug 2011)
#2 Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir Party Leader Senator for Benito, Prime Minister MA, State Senator Apr 2012
#3 Ce flag.png Niclau Patíci - - - May 2012
#4 Vd flag.gif John Alfred Manalang - - - Dec 2012
#5 Fi flag.png Cevaglh Scurznicol - - - Jan 2013
#6 Vd flag.gif Ben Putnam - - - Mar 2013
#7 Be flag.gif Erschéveþ da Schir - MC MA Apr 2013
#8 Ma flag.gif Alexander Kennedy - - - May 2013
#9 Ce flag.png Martì Valtadestreça - MC Mol'E Oct 2013
#10 Be flag.gif Tric'hard Carschaleir - - State Senator Oct 2013
#11 Mmflag.png Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun - Senator for Maritiimi-Maxhestic, Deputy Minister of Justice - Nov 2013
#12 Ka flag.gif Sevastáin Pinátsch - Senator for Atatürk MoHC Feb 2014
#13 Be flag.gif Valerio Addis - - - Apr 2014
#14 Ka flag.gif Lupulüc da Fhöglha - - - Jun 2014
#15 Mmflag.png Ian Plätschisch Party Whip, Party Secretary MC, Distain - Apr 2015
#16 Be flag.gif Alessandro Piazza - - - Apr 2016
#17 Ce flag.png Alèxandreu Soleighlfred - - - Sept 2016 (rejoined); Aug 2011 (co-founder)
#18 Ma flag.gif Txoteu Davinescu - Deputy Interior Minister - Oct 2016
#19 Mmflag.png Iac Marscheir - Deputy Minister of STUFF - Jan 2017
#20 Fl flag.jpg Artemis Brown - - - Jan 2017
#21 Mmflag.png Bert Rowland - - - Feb 2017
#22 Ma flag.gif Drew Dillman - - - Aug 2017

Former members

Nine Talossans and former Talossans used to be members of the MRPT at some point, but they left the party due to different reasons.
Left for a different party (4):

Quit Talossa or lost citizenship while a MRPT member or soon after renouncing membership (3):

  • Eiric Mataiwos Vürinalt and Txec Vineria who both lost their citizenship in early 2016 and were thus stricken from the rolls.
  • Renalt da Fhamul who lost his citizenship in August 2017.
  • Alèxandreu Soleighlfred also quit Talossa soon after renouncing his MRPT membership, but rejoined in September 2016.

Renounced for other reasons (2):

  • Adam and Melania da Simeon, both quitting in the last days of 2013 after they were found to be more than four years younger than their claimed age.

Party representation


The MRPT currently has 79 seats in the Cosa.

General Election # votes  % votes # Cosa seats +/- Party leader Cosa list leader Notes
October 2011, 43rd Cosa 3 3.95 (#4)
8 / 200
- Ce flag.png Glüc da Dhi Ce flag.png Alexandreu Soleiglhfred
July 2012, 44th Cosa 12 9.38 (#3)
18 / 200
Increase 10 Ce flag.png Glüc da Dhi Ce flag.png Alexandreu Soleiglhfred
April 2013, 45th Cosa 13 10.48 (#3)
21 / 200
Increase 3 Ce flag.png Glüc da Dhi Ce flag.png Alexandreu Soleiglhfred
January 2014, 46th Cosa 28 28.00 (#2)
56 / 200
Increase 35 Ce flag.png Glüc da Dhi Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir
August 2014, 47th Cosa 23 22.00 (#2)
42 / 200
Decrease 14 Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir Ka flag.gif Sevastáin Pinátsch
June 2015, 48th Cosa 29 22.83 (#3)
46 / 200
Increase 5 Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir Fl flag.jpg Breneir Itravilatx, then Mmflag.png Ian Platschisch
March 2016, 49th Cosa 22 18.64 (#3)
37 / 200
Decrease 9 Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir Mmflag.png Ian Platschisch
December 2016, 50th Cosa 42 39.62 (#1)
79 / 200
Increase 42 Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir Mmflag.png Ian Platschisch Second best performance to date.
October 2017, 51st Cosa 47 41.59 (#1)
83 / 200
Increase 4 Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir Mmflag.png Ian Platschisch Best performance to date.

List of MRPT MCs

MC Cosa
Ian Plätschisch -- -- -- -- -- 48th (*2) 49th 50th 51st
Glüc da Dhi -- -- -- -- -- 48th (*2) 49th 50th --
Erschéveþ da Schir -- -- -- -- -- 48th 49th 50th 51st
Martì Valtadestreça -- -- -- -- -- -- 49th 50th 51st
Jeremy Davis -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 50th 51st
Iac Marscheir -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 51st
Alèxandreu Soleiglhfred 43rd 44th 45th 46th -- -- -- 50th --
Breneir Itravilatx -- -- -- -- -- 48th (*2) -- -- --
Lupulüc da Fhöglha -- -- -- -- 47th 48th -- -- --
Sevastáin Pinátsch -- -- -- -- 47th -- -- -- --
Tric'hard Carschaleir -- -- -- -- 47th -- -- -- --
Renalt da Fhamul -- -- -- -- 47th -- -- -- --
Lüc da Schir -- 44th 45th 46th -- -- -- -- --
Eovart Andrinescu -- -- -- 46th (*1) -- -- -- -- --
Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun -- -- -- 46th -- -- -- -- --
Ben Putnam -- -- 45th -- -- -- -- -- --
Niclau Patíci -- 44th -- -- -- -- -- -- --

In bold the Party Whip (Leader of the MRPT's parliamentary group).

(*1): Eovart Andrinescu resigned his seats and quit the party before the 3rd Clark
(*2): Breneir Itravilatx resigned his seats and quit the party before the 6th Clark, and Glüc da Dhi was appointed to one of the vacant seats as to comply with the seat limit for each MC. He had also resigned as Party Whip earlier in the term, Ian Plätschisch being appointed to the office in his stead.


MRPT affiliated Senators currently hold four out of eight Senate seats.

Senate # Senators +/- Senators Notes
Senate for the 43rd Cosa
1 / 7
- da Dhi (CZ) Only opposition Senator.
Senate for the 44th Cosa
1 / 8
- da Dhi (CZ) -
Senate for the 45th Cosa
1 / 8
- da Dhi (CZ) Carschaléir served two Clarks as an independent appointee.
Senate for the 46th Cosa
2 / 8
Increase 1 Carschaléir (BE), da Dhi (CZ) The "Fortress Senäts" term.
Senate for the 47th Cosa
3 / 8
Increase 1 da Schir (BE), da Dhi (CZ), da Lhiun (MM) MRPT holds a plurality before VD Senator Grischun rejoined the RUMP
Senate for the 48th Cosa
3 / 8
- Pinatsch (KA), da Schir (BE), da Lhiun (MM) MRPT holds a plurality after CZ Senator Rôibeardescù left the FreeDems
Senate for the 49th Cosa
3 / 8
- Pinatsch (KA), da Schir (BE), da Lhiun (MM) MRPT holds a plurality
Senate for the 50th Cosa
3 / 8
- Pinatsch (KA), da Schir (BE), da Lhiun (MM) MRPT holds a plurality
Senate for the 51st Cosa
4 / 8
Increase 1 Pinatsch (KA), da Schir (BE), da Dhi (CZ), da Lhiun (MM) MRPT holds a plurality

Senate races involving MRPT members

GE Seat Candidate Opponent Result
45th Ce flag.png Glüc da Dhi (i) Iàn da Bitour (RUMP) MRPT HOLD (78%-22%)
46th Be flag.gif Tric'hard Carschaléir (i) unopposed MRPT HOLD (88%)
47th Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir unopposed MRPT HOLD (90%)
47th Mmflag.png Magniloqueu da Lhiun Mark Preston (i) (RUMP) MRPT GAIN FROM RUMP (50%-37.5%)
48th Ka flag.gif Sevastain Pinatsch Bradley Holmes (i) (RUMP) MRPT GAIN FROM RUMP (71%-29%)
49th Mmflag.png Magniloqueu da Lhiun (i) Alexandreu Davinescu (RUMP) MRPT HOLD (67%-33%)
50th Be flag.gif Lüc da Schir (i) Iason Taiwos (FreeDem) MRPT HOLD (67%-28%)
50th Ka flag.gif Sevastain Pinatsch (i) Bradley Holmes (RUMP) (write-in) MRPT HOLD (73%-27%)
51st Ce flag.png Glüc da Dhi unopposed MRPT GAIN FROM INDEPENDENT (-)
51st Ma flag.gif Txotéu Davinescu Béneditsch Ardpresteir (RUMP) and Cresti Siervicül (RUMP) RUMP GAIN FROM FREEDEM (67%-33%)

Provincial assemblies

Assembly Seats
Ka flag.gif House of Commons
11 / 21
Be flag.gif Benitian Assembly
6 / 11
Be flag.gif Benitian Senate
2 / 5
Ce flag.png L'Etats
5 / 20
Fl flag.jpg Nimlet
2 / 8
Mmflag.png Assembly
3 / 4


43rd Cosâ

The party, that was composed of only two members at the time, gained three votes during its first general elections, resulting in 8 seats in the Cosa. The party reported a 100% voting record during the legislature. At the end of the first term the party decided to adopt a new acronym and a new logo, created by Alèxandreu Soleighlfred. The seahorse was adopted as the new party mascot. By the end of its first term, the party had doubled its membership to four members.

44th Cosâ

The MRPT won twelve votes in the General Elections, resulting in 18 seats in the Cosa, an increase of 10 seats. For the first time, the party received votes from citizens of other provinces than Cézembre. During this term the party voted on party statutes, resulting in the organization of the first MRPT congress, which was held from 2/5/2013 to 3/5/2013. During the term the MRPT again doubled its membership. So far the MRPT is again the only party to have voted on all Clarks during the 44th Cosa.

45th Cosâ

The MRPT gained thirteen votes in the General Elections, resulting in 21 seats in the Cosa, three more than the previous term. The MCs representing the MRPT in the 45th Cosa are Alexandreu Soleiglhfred (acting as Whip), Lüc da Schir and Ben Putnam, with seven seats each. Again, the MRPT completed this Cosâ without a single failure to vote.

46th Cosâ

The MRPT won a record 53 seats in the General Elections, becoming the leading party in the government coalition with ZRT and LPR. The four MCs for the MRPT were Lüc da Schir (the new Party Whip), Alexandreu Soleiglhfred, Eovart Andrinescu and Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun. Andrinescu resigned shortly before the 3rd Clark.

Soleiglhfred's failure to vote in the 5th Clark's Vote of Confidence, the first and only by a MRPT MC from the party's foundation in 2011, prompted the government's collapse in July 2014.

47th Cosâ

The MRPT received 44 seats in the General Elections, of which two were handed to the Progressive Party acknowledging a voter's desire to change his vote because he was not informed that the PP was contesting the elections and he was still in their candidates list. The seats were so apportioned: eleven each to Sevastáin Pinátsch (the new Party Whip) and Tric'hard Carschaleir, ten each to Lupulüc da Fhöglha and Renalt da Fhamul. The MRPT's leader, Lüc da Schir, replaced his partymate Glüc da Dhi as the new Prime Minister.

Two new Senators are MRPT members and served as MCs for the 47th Cosâ: Lüc da Schir (replacing Tric'hard Carschaleir) and Magniloqueu da Lhiun, joining Glüc da Dhi and marking the first time ever in the MRPT's history that the party holds a relative majority in any of the Ziu's Houses, with three seats out of eight, ahead of the RUMP (2), ZRT (1), PP (1) and Lib (1).

48th Cosâ

The MRPT received 47 seats in the General Election. 12 seats each were given to Breneir Itravilatx, Ian Plätschisch, and Lupulüc da Fhöglha, and 11 seats were given to Erschéveþ da Schir. When Itravilatx left the MRPT to form the TNC, Ian Plätschisch was made Party Whip, and all existing MRPT MCs were given 15 seats. Glüc da Dhi was given 2 seats.

Sevastáin Pinátsch was elected to the Atatürk Senate seat, while Glüc da Dhi retired from the Senate.

49th Cosâ

The MRPT received 37 seats in the General Election. 10 seats were given to Ian Plätschisch and 9 to Glüc da Dhi, Martì Vataldestreça and Erschéveþ da Schir each.

50th Cosâ

The MRPT won 79 seats in the General Election. Ian Plätschisch was given 14 seats, and Glüc da Dhi, Alèxandreu Soleighlfred, Txoteu Davinescu, Erschéveþ da Schir, and Martì Vataldestreça were all given 13 seats.

51st Cosâ

The MRPT won 83 seats in the General Election. Ian Plätschisch, Iac Marscheir, Erschéveþ da Schir, and Martì Vataldestreça were all given 17 seats, and Txoteu Davinescu was given 15 seats.

Glüc da Dhi was elected to the Senate unopposed. In Maricopa, where the incumbent FreeDem Senator Munditenens Tresplet had retired, S:reu Davinescu lost his Senate race to Béneditsch Ardpresteir in the fourth round of Instant Runoff Voting. The election was the first competitive Senate election to be contested under IRV.

MRPT Congress

The MRPT organizes a meeting of its members, known as "MRPT Congress", before every General Election. The congress usually lasts around four weeks and features guest speakers, decisions on party policies and appointment to party offices. The presence of guest speakers and the importance of the decisions taken by party members during the congress make the MRPT Congress one of the biggest political events of the year in Talossa.

Congress Zero

A Congress wasn't held for the 44th Cosa, given that the MRPT had just four members at that time.

First Congress

The Congress opened on February 5th and closed on March 5th 2013 (28 days).
The Congress Leader was Glüc da Dhi, and the Deputy Congress Leader was Lüc da Schir. Seven members registered for full voting rights.

  • Glüc da Dhi elected to a second term as Party Leader unopposed
  • Soleiglhfred appointed Party Whip
  • Party Statutes officially approved
  • Guest Speakers: Alexandreu Davinescu (RUMP)
  • Candidates List for the 45th Cosa, Soleiglhfred (1), da Schir (2) and Putnam (3)

Second Congress

The Congress opened on November 3rd and closed on November 30th 2013 (27 days). Ten members registered for full voting rights.
The Congress Leader was Lüc da Schir, and the Deputy Congress Leader was Glüc da Dhi.

  • Lüc da Schir takes over the Secretariat and the role of Party Whip from Alexandreu Soleiglhfred
  • Guest Speakers: C. Carlüs Xheraltescu (ZRT)
  • Candidates List for the 46th Cosa: da Schir (1), Soleiglhfred (2), Andrinescu (3), da Simeon (4), da Lhiun (5), da Dhi (11). Simeon and Andrinescu will later pull out.

Third Congress

The Congress opened on July 24th and closed on August 14th 2014 (21 days).
The Congress Leader was Sevastáin Pinátsch and the Deputy Congress Leader was Glüc da Dhi. Seven members registered for full voting rights.

  • Lüc da Schir elected Party Leader unopposed after Glüc da Dhi decided not to stand for a third term
  • Sevastáin Pinátsch appointed Party Whip
  • Guest Speakers: C. Carlüs Xheraltescu (LIB) and Owen Edwards (PP)
  • Candidates List for the 47th Cosa: Pinátsch (1), Carschaleir (2), da Fhöglha (3), da Fhamul (4), da Schir (11), da Lhiun (12).

Fourth Congress

The Congress opened on April 11th and closed on May 13th 2015 (32 days).
The Congress Leader was Glüc da Dhi and the Deputy Congress Leader was Lüc da Schir. Seven members registered for full voting rights.

  • Breneir Itravilatx appointed Party Whip
  • Guest Speakers: Txec dal Nordselva (PP) and Françal Ian Lux (LIB)
  • Candidates List for the 48th Cosa: Itravilatx (1), Plätschisch (2), da Fhöglha (3), E. da Schir (4), Pinátsch (11), da Dhi (101).

Fifth Congress

The Congress opened on December 15th 2015; the official closing happened on February 15th 2016 (62 days) after being postponed indefinitely following the failure of the King to dissolve the Cosa and call for elections on time.
The Congress Leader was Ian Plätschisch and the Deputy Congress Leader was Lüc da Schir. Seven members registered for full voting rights.

  • Lüc da Schir reelected as Party Leader, defeating Ian Plätschisch
  • Ian Plätschisch appointed Party Whip
  • Guest Speakers: Éovart Grischun (RUMP) and Munditenens Tresplet (FreeDem)
  • Candidates List for the 49th Cosa: Plätschisch (1), da Dhi (2), E. da Schir (3), Vataldestreça (4), da Lhiun (11)

Sixth Congress

The Congress opened on October 18th and closed on November 15th 2016 (28 days).
The Congress Leader was Lüc da Schir, and the Deputy Congress Leader was Ian Plätschisch. Eight members registered for full voting rights.

  • Ian Plätschisch appointed Party Whip
  • Guest Speakers: Inxheneu Crovâ (Independent, later FreeDem) and Martì-Paìr Furxhéir (Independent)
  • Candidates List for the 50th Cosa: Plätschisch (1), da Dhi (2), Soleighlfred (3), Davis (4), E. da Schir (5), Valtadestreça (6), da Schir (11)

Seventh Congress

The Congress opened on August 16th and closed September 14th 2017 (30 days).
The Congress Leader was Txoteu Davinescu, and the Deputy Congress Leader was Ian Plätschisch. Nine members registered for full voting rights.

  • Lüc da Schir unanimously reelected Party Leader
  • Ian Plätschisch appointed Party Whip
  • Candidates List for the 51st Cosa: Plätschisch (1), Marscheir (2), Valtadestreça (3), E. da Schir (5), da Dhi (11), Davinescu (12), Soleighlfred (150), Putnam (151)

Italicized candidate names indicates they were also standing for a Senate seat.

Party Organisation

The MRPT is a democratic party in which most decisions are made by the membership of the party. On 18 January 2013 the members approved statutes for the party. All information about the MRPT can be found in the Party Digest which is issued by the Party Secretary.

Party Leader

The Party Leader is the elected leader of the party. He is responsible for every party office that isn’t filled by any other member, except that of campaign leader. This office is currently filled by Lüc da Schir, elected during the Third Congress. All decisions made by the party leader can be overruled by the members of the party. In case of absence the party leader is replaced by the Vice Party Leader, usually the Party Whip.

Party Whip

The Party Whip is the leader of the MRPT in the Cosa. Should the MRPT get seats in the Cosa, the candidate who was the Cosa list leader will become Party Whip. The Party Whip is responsible for leading the Clark discussions, getting all the MCs of the party focused and on the same line and, in the absence of a Party Speaker, possibly explaining certain decisions made by the MRPT MCs. Should the Party Whip vacate his Cosa seats, the MC who was next on the candidate list for that Cosa becomes the Party Whip. The current party whip is Ian Plätschisch.

Party Secretary

The Party Secretary is an optional office the Party Leader can appoint. The Party Secretary’s duties include updating the Party Digest and other party documents, and conducting elections and referendums outside the Congress and election season. The current holder of this office is Ian Plätschisch

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