Senate for the 23rd Cosa

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The Senate for the 23rd Cosa consisted of seven seats. It was the first Senate in Talossan history.


The Senate was a newly created chamber of the Ziu, and as such, all seven members of the Senate for the 23rd Cosa were newly elected or appointed.

The original Organic Law of 1997, which created the Senate, established that the method of determining Senators would be decided by a referendum in each province, with the voters choosing either that the province would hold Senatorial elections or that it would have its Senator be appointed by the government. According to Ár Päts (on the final page of the 1998 version), after the July 1997 referendum established the Organic Law, two of the provinces deadlocked on how to select Senators, and the Uppermost Court ordered those provinces to fill the seats by elections. However, the Secretary of State refused to implement the order of the court, on the grounds that Organic Law didn't allow such interference. Which of the two provinces were affected is not currently known.


The members of the Senate for the 23rd Cosa, listed in the order of the scheduled expiration of their terms, were:

Province Senator Term Expired
1 2 3 4 5 6
Mussolini (vacant)1 Matthias Muth With 23rd Cosa
Vuode Sir Sean Hert With 23rd Cosa
Atatürk Geoffrey Toumayan2 Tomás Gariçéir With 24th Cosa
Cézembre Evan Gallagher3 (vacant) Dale Morris4 (vacant) With 24th Cosa
Florencia Danihel Laurieir5 Art Verbotten With 25th Cosa
Maricopa Gary Schwichtenberg With 25th Cosa
Maritiimi-Maxhestic Ian von Metairia With 26th Cosa


1 At the time the Senate was established, Matthias Muth was early in his declared 99-year term as absolute dictator of Mussolini. Best information available indicates that the Constitution of that province provided for appointment of Senators by the government, rather than by election. Whether this Constitution was held inOrganic in the face of the newly-minted Organic Law calling for a provincial referendum on the question is not known. In any case, it is likely that no election would have been held for Senator from Mussolini in August 1997. Whether Senator Muth appointed himself before the first Clark (and thus lost his seat for inactivity and then reappointed himself to fill it), or whether he waited until sometime later to appoint himself the first Senator for his province is not known.

2 Senator Toumayan resigned his seat after the third Clark. It was filled by the appointment of Senator Gariçéir.

3 Senator Gallagher left Talossa on 26 September 1997 after the conclusion of the first Clark of the Cosa, vacating his seat. It was later filled by the appointment of Senator Morris.

4 Senator Morris failed to vote in the fourth and fifth Clarks, vacating his seat. It was not filled until the 24th Cosa was underway.

5 Senator Laurier resigned his seat after failing to vote in the fourth Clark. It was filled by the appointment of Senator Verbotten.