April 2007 General Election

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The April 2007 General Election was held from 15 March 2007/XXVIII to 14 April 2007/XXVIII and elected members to the 37th Cosa and also filled Senator seats for Maritiimi-Maxhestic and Benito. Elections to seven provincial assemblies plus four referendums to ratify amendments to the Organic Law were conducted as well. The election was administered by Deputy Secretary of State, Sir Mick Preston.

85 voters were elegible to vote in the election and 48 ballots were cast. Voter turnout was 56.47%

Registered parties

The following political parties were registered for the January 2008 election:

Results of the Cosa election

Party Number of votes cast Percentage of votes cast Seats awarded Majority
CLP 2 4 9
CRO 4 8 25
DOTT 8 16 32
RUMP 28 58 134 YesY

Results of the Senatorial elections

Two senatorial elections were held concurrently to the April 2007 General Election.


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Nic Casálmac'h 2 YesY


Candidate's name Number of votes Elected
Alexandreu Davinescu 6 YesY
Conta Danihél Lauriéir 1

Results for provincial assembly elections

Party Atatürk Benito Cézembre Florencia Maricopa Maritiimi-Maxhestic Vuode
CRO 2 1 1
DOTT 1 1 6
RUMP 4 2 3 12 2 3 2

Results of Referendums

Four referendums were held during the election to ratify amendments to the Organic Law.

Amendment ÜC NON AUS
36RZ11, The Equality in Voting Act (Amendment) 29 14
36RZ15, The Living Cosâ Reform Amendment 40 2
36RZ16, The "I Knew KRI, and You're No KRI" Amendment 38 4
36RZ18, The Privy Council Act (Amendment) 35 7

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