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Ministry of STUFF
Current Head: The Rt Hon. þerxh Sant-Enogat MC
Deputy: vacant
Function: To prepare informative texts about Talossa, manage publicity for the Kingdom, and manage the Kingdom's official public presence and social networks.

The Ministry of STUFF (La Ministrà à Sanavarh da Talossa àls Ultra-Fiovaes Folas, pronounced [ɫɐ minisˈtɾaː‿a‿zɐnɐˈvaːʃ dɐ tɐˈɫosa‿awz‿ˈuɬtɾɐˌfi̯ovajs ˈfoɫɐs]; literally, the "Ministry to Herald Talossa to Crowds Across the River") is one of the Talossa's six Cabinet positions chartered by Organic Law (others were established by statutory law). According to its Organic charter, "[t]he Minister of STUFF shall prepare, at the behest of the Cosa, the Seneschal, or on his own initiative, informative texts about the Kingdom of Talossa." (Org.12.6.) The Minister of STUFF is sometimes known by the abbreviation "MinSTUFF." As of the 47th Cosa, the name of the Ministry is stylized in uppercase ("STUFF") in all official correspondence.

The current Minister is Rt Hon. þerxh Sant-Enogat MC.


"The Cabinet Refinishing Act" (Talossan statute 36RZ17) establishes also that the Ministry of STUFF be further responsible for the promotion of the Kingdom through public relations, ensuring that the Kingdom and events therein are regularly publicized in worldwide media. The Ministry is further charged with producing and circulating "a national publication for internal and external promotion of all things Talossan." In times past, this has generally extended towards managing Talossa's official social media presence, advertising campaigns, and miscellaneous initiatives like Talossan identification cards or TalossaWare. A national radio and television network for Talossans, called "RTV" (Regipäts Televiziun), is also under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of STUFF.

A further, unnamed directive, developed by former Minister Alexandreu Davinescu and which pretty much no one understands, emphasises that "The Minister of STUFF knows the gate. The Minister of STUFF is the gate. The Minister of STUFF is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in the Minister of STUFF. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread."

List of Ministers of STUFF

This is a list of all the Ministers of STUFF that have held office in the post Ben era.

Ten Minister Party Took Office Cabinet
1 1 The Rt Hon. Don Deutschmann MC Conservative Loyalist Party 6 September 2005 Von Buchholtz Cabinet
2 2 The Rt Hon. Joseph Oliver Walkland MC Conservative Loyalist Party 11 August 2006 Tecladeir Cabinet
3 3 The Rt Hon. Senator Alexandreu Davinescu RUMP 4 April 2007 First La Mha Cabinet
4 4 The Rt Hon. Ieremiac'h Ventrutx RUMP 3 March 2008 Second La Mha Cabinet
5 5 The Rt Hon. Viteu Marcianüs MC Progressive Party 7 November 2008 Ventrutx Cabinet
Zefençadéirs dal Päts Talossán Canun Cabinet
6 6 The Rt Hon. Dréu Gavárþic'h MC Progressive Party 25 April 2010 Davinescu Cabinet
7 The Rt Hon. Alexandreu Davinescu MC RUMP 29 January 2011 First Cjantscheir Cabinet
7 8 The Rt Hon. Martì A. G. Prevuost MC RUMP 29 October 2011 Second Cjantscheir Cabinet
8 9 The Rt Hon. Stéafan d'Unmortadel RUMP 23 July 2012 Third La Mha Cabinet
9 10 The Rt Hon. Danihel Teziun RUMP 29 August 2012
10 11 The Rt Hon. Litz Cjantscheir, UrN MC RUMP 2 October 2012
Da Chilseu Cabinet
12 The Rt Hon. Alexandreu Davinescu MC RUMP 19 April 2013 Dal Nordselva Cabinet
11 13 The Rt Hon. Lüc da Schir MC Moderate Radicals 24 January 2014 Da Dhi Cabinet
12 14 The Rt Hon. Sevastáin Pinátsch MC Moderate Radicals 20 September 2014 First Da Schir Cabinet
The Rt Hon. Senator Sevastáin Pinátsch Xheraltescu Cabinet
13 15 The Rt Hon. M.T. Patritz da Biondeu MC Free Democrats 22 December 2015
14 16 The Rt Hon. Ian Plätschisch MC Moderate Radicals 4 April 2016 Siervicül Cabinet
15 17 The Rt Hon. Glüc da Dhi MC Moderate Radicals 31 January 2017 Second Da Schir Cabinet
Third Da Schir Cabinet
16 18 The Rt Hon. Martì-Paìr Furxhéir MC Free Democrats 29 July 2018 First Plätschisch Cabinet
17 19 The Rt Hon. Senator Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h Free Democrats 14 November 2018
20 The Rt Hon. Senator Sevastáin Pinátsch Independent 7 April 2019 First Schivâ Cabinet
21 The Rt Hon. Senator Ian Plätschisch Awakening and Magnifying Passion 8 September 2019 Second Schivâ Cabinet
18 22 The Rt Hon. Senator Éovart Grischun Free Democrats 21 September 2020 Third Schivâ Cabinet
  T. Davinescu Cabinet
19 23 The Most Hon. Txoteu Davinescu MC 30 December 2021
20 24 The Rt Hon. Miestrâ Schivâ, UrN MC 4 April 2022
  Second Plätschisch Cabinet
21 25 The Rt. Hon Mic'haglh Autófil MC Partì da Reformaziun 21 September 2022
22 26 The Rt Hon. Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat MC Talossan National Congress 25 February 2023 Tzaracomprada Cabinet
23 27 The Rt Hon. þerxh Sant-Enogat MC Talossan National Congress 1 November 2023 first Excelsio cabinet

In the 1987-2005 period, Ben Madison generally held the post under the PC before the 2003 split, and afterwards Martì-Paìr Furxhéir was in charge under PC adminstrations and Madison under the MN.



The Bureau of Social Publicity Administration and Management (or, Bureau of SPAM) holds responsibility for the maintenance of Talossa's various social media presences, as directed by the Minister. The chief of the Bureau is known as the "Head Spammajamma"

Official pages


The National Upkeep and Maintenance Bureau (NUMB) holds responsibility for keeping the Kingdom's web presences up to date. It was created during the 49th Cosa by Ian Plätschisch.